Please read the following information carefully.
(this saves a lot of emails.... :-)

Please follow all rules and obey to all laws and regulations (and never stop thinking) when working with electricity,
electronic parts and their components, Lasers, radio-, x- and microwave radiation and all other sources of
potential dangers.

It´s a good thing when the youth experiments and researchs but all minors must be supervised by an expert
adult when working with electricity.

In General:
Wash your hands properly whenever finished working with technical stuff.
Do not eat, drink or smoke during work.

All work at voltages exceeding 42V must be performed by qualified technical staff.

Or it may get lost in our spam folder...
We will answer to ANY serious mail, if you do not receive a reply please check your SPAM-folder first and / or phone us.

Foreign order sales informations of
Frag´Jan Zuerst ---- Ask Jan First GmbH & Co. KG
Jan Philipp Wüsten, Germany

The detailed and binding sales conditions can be found in German language here.

The detailed information about privacy and data protection can be found in German language here.

On this page we will give you all information normally needed when ordering from us.
If you have any specific questions please email us, we will gladly answer you.

  1. EU-inhabitants pay prices with sales tax / VAT. Those prices are marked  "inkl. MWSt."
    For all other customers  the prices without VAT (exkl. MWSt.) appyl. 
    Prices are solely given in our currency, the Euro (EUR).

  2. List Prices do not include shipping from Lehe, Germany to their destination.
    We will inform  you about order total and shipping costs before we ship but to do so we need to know your address.
    Please do not email enquiries without at least telling us in which country you live so we can quote shipping.
    Here you will find the table of international shipping costs for your information

  3. We will insure /register your shipment.
    GLS-parcels are insured up to 500 EUR, Postal economy parcels  up to EUR 100,
    premium parcels up to EUR 500 to most countries. (This depends on postal treaties, we will check and inform you if necessary.)
    Please ask for details if you have any questions. We ship with GLS, postal premium or economy  and TNT. 

  4. Orders have to be prepaid.

    Those are the possible payment options for foreign orders
    1. We are a verified Paypal member.
      If you have an account at, you can pay your invoices via paypal by sending the funds to our account user name: paypal [at ]
      (replace blanks and [at] with @. We must this game here to avoid spammers grabbing and abusing this address....]
      Before you send any payment wait for our final quote please !!!!
      Paypal supports this currency and converts automatically.
      This is also a convenient way of paying using a credit card.
      We do no longer accept direct credit card payments.

    2. Money transfer to our account.
      Please inform us if you wish to pay this way. We will then quote total including shipping and email or fax our bank details to you. Please make sure you pay for all bank fees, in banker´s language this is an "OUR-Payment".
      Please check with your bank about fees, Bank transfers in the EU / SEPA-Area are supposed to cost the same
      like a domestic transfer if processed via BIC-IBAN or SEPA.

    3. Mailing a Bank Cheque.
      If you wish to mail a cheque, please use our address as given below.
      Please make sure that the cheque is in EURO. The NAME OF A GERMAN BANK on which the cheque will be drawn must be PRINTED on the cheque, same with our company name.

    4. Postal or telegraphical money order is possible but may be slow and is not available in all countries anymore.
      Please check this with your postoffice.

    5. We do also accept Western Union minute service money orders. BUT NOT Bidpay cheques / money orders.
      Minimum order for those is EUR 300,- as we have to drive 30km to cash them.

    6. Mailing cash in a letter is possible but not recommended. As this is rather insecure we do not recommend it.
      But in general it is possible. We recommend that you register the letter.

    Please make sure you provide us YOUR EXACT SHIPPING ADDRESS (!!)

    You can order in written form, via fax, email or phone:
    Frag Jan zuerst - Ask Jan First GmbH & Co. KG
    Jan Philipp Wüsten
    Preiler Ring 10
    D- 25774 Lehe
    Phone: +49-4882-6054551
    FAX: +49-4882-6054552

  5. Our parts are NOT specified as RoHS compliant unless otherwise stated in written form on the shipping papers / order confirmations. If you need RoHS specification please contact us and we will check the enquired part for compliance.

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